South Western District Gang Show

See you next year!

Thank you!

19th November, 2018

Thank you all for coming to our show! We hope you have had a just as great time as we have had. You have been the best audience we could imagine. It was a blast!

Gang Show 2018

Rehearsals for 2018

Awarding the Gang Show Neckies
And also to staff
Magically hovering?
Ups, going to have to practice that some more
Cubs forming a 'V'
Snap, Snap, Snap
How to box step
Simons Moment
Cubs join the main gang
Whoop baa oh yeah yeah
Cubs to the front
Flossing? maybe
What's that?
A duet
Words from the manager
More singing
And more singing
Woah, Woah
Even more singing
The secret books
Singing without a piano
Listen up!
Staff spectators

Gang Show 2017

Behind the scenes
Our mermaid
Practicing Solos
The cast
SWD Gang Show (South Western District, Glasgow) is run by the South Western District Scout Council.
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