South Western District Gang Show

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Looking ahead

28th November 2020

Today would have been the day of our opening show. But instead of being sad for what could not be, we are looking ahead. Last years cast and the staff had a great little online meetup today. We started planning for our next show and had lots of great scene ideas from cast. The staff are looking into what can already be done, like improving our staging equipment. We are all set to get going on our next show as soon as it's possible.

Costumes and first half

23rd September 2019

We are making amazing progress towards the show. Mandy (our choreographer) has finished teaching the first half of the show to the main cast. They only still need to rehearse it a bit more till it's perfect for opening night.
The wardrobe team in the meantime has been busy working. This weekend they handed out the first few pieces to see if the fit.

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